Answers to Common Questions:
Q: What is a play-by-email (PBeM) game?
A: Well, its exactly that, a game you play using email, as well as a (free) software program you download. Each game has a separate website, where you can download the rules and software. For more about PBeM games, click here. Q: How much do the games cost?
A: They are completely free, though people can make a small donation to help support the games. This gives a few perquisites (as explained in the rules), but that is of course optional. Q: How long does it take to get into a game and who can join?
A: Everyone is welcome to sign up for a game, and to do so you just fill out the signup form at the website for a game. Depending on the game, it will begin in 1 to 2 weeks. At that time, everyone will be sent out their initial turns, and can begin diplomacy and planning their orders.
Q: How do I receive my turnfiles when the game begins (I mean the file used to create orders for my realm)?
A: These are emailed out each week, and can also be downloaded by clicking here.

Welcome! We are a site that hosts and moderates multiplayer strategic wargames, which are open to everyone to join and play at no cost. In our games, each player is the leader of an empire, taking on the roles of warlord, diplomat, and economist. As ruler, you will need to expand your dominion using whatever means are necessary, and make the decisions on how to deal with your neighbors: will you attempt to deal with them diplomatically, or overpower them with raw military force? Below you can see the titles we have available. For more info on a game or to sign up, just click on it, and you will be taken to the game webpage (with the manual, screenshots and signup form). Players are continually being accepted for new games!

Rule a historical Medieval Realm in the quest for empire circa 1320 AD (blood and conquest on the battlefields of Europe - our most popular game).

Command a mighty horde of Orcs, Humans, Dwarves or other race in a great conflict inspired by Tolkien's War of the Ring (a detailed fantasy wargame).

Build an empire worthy of Rome in this simulation of warfare in the Ancient world.

Lead an empire during the Napoleonic Age in the historic battle for supremacy over Europe (this game has fewer realms on the map).

Conquer Medieval Japan circa 1560, in the famous Sengoku period. This scenario has scouting and more complexity.

Build a Galactic Empire to eclipse the rest in this simulation of warfare in the tradition of Sci-Fi.

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